Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Uncalled For...

Last week, South Korea had another celebrity suicide. This is ridiculous. The girl who died last week is the fifth Korean actress to commit suicide. Do you know what's ironic? All of them suffered some sort of depression either due to family relations or stabbed in the heart by fans. Every single one of them at least left a warning or note and hung themselves at a home. This must stop. Why do you think we have counselors for?

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Celebrity In No Time

Want to feel like a celebrity for once? Go to a public school anywhere in South Korea and be prepare to speak natural born English in no time. Instead of having paparazzi's everywhere you'll have hundreds of students coming from different classrooms crowding over you, even if it takes to pop heads out of the window. You will be amazed. Majority of the Korean students there are so charismatic when meeting new people especially if you are coming from America because it is their opportunity to practice their English to a foreigner. That is what I discovered with my brother five years ago with my amateur, Korean communication. I miss that feeling so much.